The strategy of the College of Arts, Thi Qar University, in achieving the goals of sustainable development 

Achieving sustainable development goals requires joint efforts from everyone, including academic institutions. Achieving these goals requires developing educational curricula that focus on the knowledge, skills and values necessary for sustainable development, conducting scientific research that helps solve global and local problems in areas such as health, energy, environment and cultural diversity, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and stimulating creativity and critical thinking among faculty members and students, enhancing cooperation and partnership with local, regional and international communities to exchange knowledge, experience and resources, adopting principles of good governance, transparency, integrity and accountability in the management of academic institutions, and applying environmental sustainability practices in operation, construction and consumption .

According to the research plan of the College of Arts, one of the axes for achieving sustainable development goals is studying the environmental impact. This research aims to understand the environmental effects of human activities, including assessing pollution, climate change and depletion of natural resources, as well as analyzing sustainable methods to preserve the environment.

  1. Enhancing Sustainable Energy: The research focuses on the development and utilization of renewable energy sources and clean technologies. It also aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
  2. Sustainable Agriculture: The research involves improving agricultural practices and sustainable management of natural resources in the agricultural sector. These goals include increasing agricultural productivity, enhancing biodiversity, developing efficient irrigation methods, and soil conservation.
  3. Social and Economic Justice: The research aims to achieve a balance between economic and social development. This includes studying poverty, employment, social justice, and promoting sustainable and equitable economic opportunities for all members of society.
  4. Education and Awareness: The research aims to raise awareness about the concept of sustainable development and promote sustainable practices in the community.
  5. Natural Resource Management: The research targets the improvement of natural resource management, such as water, forests, and oceans. This includes assessing the sustainability of resource use and developing policies and practices to conserve and sustain them for future generations.
  6. Sustainable Urban Development: The research focuses on the development of sustainable cities characterized by smart urban planning, sustainable transportation, and waste management. It also aims to enhance the quality of life in cities and improve communication and coexistence among residents.
  7. Sustainable Technology and Innovations: The research works on the development and utilization of technology and innovations to achieve sustainable development. This includes developing new techniques for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and improvements in production and consumption processes.
  8. Health and Well-being: The research aims to achieve community well-being and promote individual health by providing a healthy and safe environment. This includes studying the impact of the environment on health, developing sustainable health policies, and raising awareness about factors that affect health.
  9. International Cooperation and Partnerships: The research aims to enhance international cooperation and sustainable partnerships to achieve sustainable development goals. This includes exchanging knowledge and expertise, collaborating on project implementation, and developing policies and measures that promote sustainable development at the global level.
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